At 54, Mind & Body training has been at the very forefront of my education. I have had an interest in natural healing through herbs as well as mind-body sports since an early age. I have been studying & practicing meditative arts since 1986. Within this learnt about Yoga & Self Defence as a way of learning to empower myself & increase my confidence. Breath control exercise as a way of controlling stress & improving my learning of concentration as well improving my level of fitness.

I spent alot of time travelling to S.E Asia & emersed myself in an alternative culture to understand better an eastern spirituality. I have learnt to appreciate cultural differences & it has enhance my interest in diversity. Soul searching achieved !

Regards Pilates - I'm a true advocate for the Pilates Journey & can say that practicing Pilates regularly has staved off joint pain & muscular problems from over exercising. Up to & including helping me through symptoms of Menopause & really working to keep flexible & pain free. My classes cover the classical repetoire in a contemporary way. Useful for those suffering from lower back issues. The repetition of mobility, strengthening & stretching exercises improving the quality of your posture & flexibility week by week in a fun enjoyable way.



Nuria M Saunders


Qualifications / Diplomas / Workshops

Level 3   AIQ / REPS Mat Pilates 2014  (Beg - Adv)

Level 3   Specialised Diploma in Advanced Pilates

              Pre & Post Natal Pilates  (VTCT & FF)

              Small Equipment             (Future Fit)

              Orthopaedic Conditions (Future Fit)

Level 3   Diet, Nutrition & Health Management (C&G)

Level 3   GP Exercise Referral (VTCT)

Level 4   Lower Back Pain Exercise Specialist 




Barre Pilates                     J.Cobbe             Workshop

Pilates Reformer               J.Cobbe             Workshop

Pilates Reformer               APPI                    Levels 1-3

Matwork Bridge                APPI                    Levels 1-3

Vinyasa Flow                    Trinity Yoga         

Yoga-Pilates                     Trinity Yoga        

Mindfulness                      Krishanti             

Art & Science of Cueing  Franklin Method 

Pelvic Floor Exercises      Franklin Method          




ITEC       Anatomy, Physiology & Massage

ITEC       Aromatherapy

ITEC       Stress Management

ITEC       Sports Massage 

WLSTM  Stress Management

WLSTM  Lymphatic Massage

WLSTM  Advanced Remedial Techniques

HHBTA   Indian Head Massage

HHBTA   Facial Massage

HHBTA   Hopi Ear Candling

Member of IPTI for 21 years. 

Fully Insured -  SJA Emergency First Aid Cert - DBS Checked

Covid-19 Rehabilitation Certificate (FF)

Enquiries: 07528 471091