At 54, Mind & Body training has been at the very forefront of my education. I have had an interest in natural healing through herbs as well as mind-body sports since an early age. I have been studying & practicing meditative arts since 1984. Within this learnt about Yoga & Self Defence as a way of learning to empower myself & increase my confidence. Breath control exercise as a way of controlling stress & improving my learning of concentration as well improving my level of fitness.

I spent alot of time travelling to S.E Asia & emersed myself in an alternative culture to understand better an eastern spirituality. I have learnt to appreciate cultural differences & it has enhance my interest in diversity. Soul searching achieved !

Regards Pilates - I'm a true advocate for the Pilates Journey & can say that practicing Pilates regularly has staved off joint pain & muscular problems from over exercising. Up to & including helping me through symptoms of Menopause & helping me keep my body young & supple through my now 50's. I went through some high cortisol years where Cardio was simply too painful & Pilates was just the best, giving me a sense of relaxation, body awareness, limb lengthening & tone.

I have been teaching Pilates since 2014 mainly in Community Centres / Village Halls & have had various women only classes.

Nuria M Saunders


Qualifications / Diplomas / Workshops

Level 3   AIQ / REPS Mat Pilates 2014  (Beg - Adv)

Level 3   Specialised Diploma in Advanced Pilates

              Pre & Post Natal Pilates  (VTCT & FF)

              Small Equipment             (Future Fit)

              Orthopaedic Conditions (Future Fit)

Level 3   Diet, Nutrition & Health Management (C&G)

Level 3   GP Exercise Referral (VTCT)

Level 4   Lower Back Pain Specialist (Nov 2021 - due to Covid)

Level 3   APPI Reformer Pilates  (Course Completed)

Level 3   APPI Mat Pilates L.1-3  (Bridge - delayed)


Barre Pilates                     J.Cobbe             Workshop

Pilates Reformer               J.Cobbe             Workshop

Vinyasa Flow                    Trinity Yoga         (distance learning)

Yoga-Pilates                     Trinity Yoga         (distance learning)

Mindfulness                      Krishanti             (distance learning)

Art & Science of Cueing  Franklin Method (distance learning)

Pelvic Floor Exercises      Franklin Method (distance learning)         


ITEC       Anatomy, Physiology & Massage

ITEC       Aromatherapy

ITEC       Stress Management

ITEC       Sports Injuries & Massage 

WLSTM  Stress Management

WLSTM  Lymphatic Massage

WLSTM  Advanced Remedial Techniques

HHBTA   Indian Head Massage

HHBTA   Facial Massage Techniques


Member of IPTI for 21 years. 

Fully Insured -  SJA Emergency First Aid Cert - DBS Checked

Covid-19 Rehabilitation Certificate (FF)