About Pilates

The original Pilates (Contrology) Method was created by Joseph Pilates. He created the 34 Original Pilates Exercises. He went from teaching for survival (the sick in hospital beds) to training dancers in NY with his wife Clara. There are still those who teach exactly as Joe would've taught then there are those like myself who have trained the 'Contemporary' way. Not to disrespect the Classical Method, but just to build adaptive & more modified lessons which can be taught to a more diverse group. Afterall we are not all able to do back bends or handstands. Pilates is for everyone. Is Pilates different from Yoga? Yes. Pilates works at strengthening & mobilising the Spine & improving a range of motion helping you with day to day activities. Yoga is more about stretching & balance. Both Pilates & Yoga are mindful & work holistically. Will I lose loads of weight doing Pilates? No. Pilates won't raise your heart rate too much. But it will deffinately tone you up, tighten deeper abdominal muscles & lengthen your limbs giving you a better posture & a stronger centre ('Powerhouse'). What's not to love about Pilates, its truly fab!


Women Stretching
Group of six women are doing stretching exercise with red resistance bands in white studio
Attractive girls in sportswear training with pilates rings during exercise class in health