Complementary Therapies

I have a variety of diplomas in massage which include Aromatherapy, Advanced Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head, & Lymphatic Massage (this is not drainage). I work deeply into the muscles & fairly used to handling sports bods & muscle aches & pains. My speciality is deep tissue & I like to use blended oils to really detox the body, removing lactic acid & toxins & rebalancing the lymphatics. A good massage & a good diet works wonders together to remove cellulite & tone up / firm up the skin. Improving motivation & confidence & giving that extra push of energy throughout the day. I only see clients at my home in Leagrave.  Please call to book for a consultation..





Deep Tissue Massage 

I specialise in advanced deep tissue massage & work deeply into the muscles to free up tension, remove lactic crystals & help offer some relief to aches & pains. Use my experience, training & speciality to soothe away general dull aches & improve well-being,


60mins    £58    90mins £70



Lymphatic Massage


The lymph nodes in the body play a vital role in fighting off infections. They function as filters, trapping viruses, bacteria & other causes of illness. I use aromatherapy cleansing oils to help with detoxification.     A relaxing treatment.


60mins  £58   90mins  £72




Aromatherapy my favourite massage. I've spent a long time studying Chemistry of Oils & can vouch for the mind-body healing properties of good quality organic essential oils. Oils are blended for you personally ensuring a uniquely relaxing experience. Also good for fluid retention & cellulite improvement


60mins  £58   90mins  £72

Qualified  &  Insured

20 years Experience

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